Citified – Exhibition by Rosy Wilson

Capturing iconic cities from New York to Rome, Citified is the first solo exhibition for Canberra-based emerging artist and graduate architect Rosy Wilson, to be opened on Friday 20 January 2017 at Anvil Design Studio in the Hamlet, Braddon.

This vibrant collection of paintings and prints explores what makes iconic cities magnetic, from distinctive architectural landmarks to smaller moments.

The series started as a way for Rosy to document recent travels to Europe, drawing from photographs and memories to create richly detailed scenes that evoke the atmosphere and minutiae of each place. The collection has since grown to encompass other cities.

Rosy attributes her fascination for cities to growing up in Wellington, New Zealand – “a real vibrant, dense city” – and moving to Canberra, a uniquely designed city where she studied architecture at the University of Canberra.

Rosy will also be working on her latest piece during the exhibition on Saturday and Sunday, an intimate chance to see the artist at work.